Real-Life Masked Vigilantes Fight Crime In An Exclusive Clip From Slamdance Documentary 'Superheroes'

If you think the premise of "Kick-Ass" -- a normal teenager suiting up to fight crime as a masked vigilante -- sounds preposterous, perhaps you'd be interested to know that there are currently 300 registered superheroes living in the United States. That's right, there are no fewer than 300 (who knows how many aren't registered?) actual human beings who don masks and elaborate utility belts, wield clubs, crossbows and other weapons, and roam the streets looking to put the hurt on any criminals that cross their path. Below, check out an exclusive clip from the documentary "Superheroes," which is currently showing at the Sundance sister festival Slamdance and which follows the exploits of some of our country's most famous (and badass) true-life superheroes.

The clip introduces a crime-fighting quartet known as the New York Initiative, a group of four Brooklyn-based vigilantes who live and kick bad-guy ass together. The group -- kind of like a real-life Fantastic Four but, you know, without the ability to spontaneously burst into flames or stretch like plastic -- includes one butt-kicking female and a tatted-out, muscle-bound guy who goes by the handle "Lucid" and whiles away his days taking bow-and-arrow target practice on his roof.

Directed by Michael Barnett, the documentary takes a hard look at the real-life superhero phenomenon, exploring what inspires these people to put their lives on the line and take the law into their own hands to protect the innocent and bring the strong arm of justice to bear on the wicked. The flick looks pretty darn fascinating, if you ask us, and will probably make a good deterrent against crime... at least in Brooklyn. We sure wouldn't want to run into Lucid in a dark alley.

Can you believe that there are really 300 registered superheroes in the U.S.? Are you interested in seeing this flick?