A Gator Eats A Bikini-Clad Babe In An Exclusive Clip From The Sundance Doc 'Corman's World'

Even if you aren't aware of it, chances are you've seen a Roger Corman movie... and you've definitely seen a movie that was influenced by him. The so-called "King of the B-Movies" is renowned for making low-budget flicks with lightning-quick speed -- he cranked out 1960's "The Little Shop of Horrors" in a mere two days! -- and generous helpings of schlocky special effects, crazy monsters, gratuitous nudity and less-than-Oscar-worthy acting. And yet he can count among his proteges directors such as Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, Ron Howard and James Cameron.

Director Alex Stapleton's new documentary, titled "Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel," hits the Sundance Film Festival this week, tracing Corman's legendary filmmaking career from his 1955 directorial debut "Swamp Women" to his most recent effort as producer, 2010's "Dinoshark" (which is just as awesome as it sounds). Above, check out an exclusive clip from the documentary -- featuring a bikini-clad beauty being chomped on by a gargantuan alligator (presumably on the set of the 2010 Syfy movie "Dinocroc vs. Supergator").

As you can see from the clip, Corman doesn't rely on CGI for his monsters; the gator is nothing more than a giant hand puppet, and the mangled body parts and decapitated heads aren't exactly realistic. But that's what we love about this guy. He does a lot with a little, which is probably why he was awarded the Academy Honorary Award -- yes, that is an Oscar -- in 2009 for lifetime achievement in filmmaking.

What's your favorite Roger Corman movie? Are you excited to see the "Corman's World" documentary?