Olsen Twins' Sister Elizabeth Stars In An Exclusive Clip From The Sundance Horror-Thriller 'Silent House'

In 2004, the filmmaking team of Chris Kentis and Laura Lau captivated Sundance Film Festival audiences with the quietly creepy "Open Water." That film, about a couple who are left to grapple with sharks when they become separated from a scuba excursion, went on to become a critical and box-office success. Kentis and Lau are hoping the same is true for their new psychological horror-thriller "Silent House," which is playing as part of this year's Sundance Film Fest's Park City at Midnight series. Check out an exclusive clip from the film below.

Based on the acclaimed Uruguayan film "La Casa Muda," "Silent House" stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's younger sister Elizabeth Olsen as Sarah, a young girl who returns with her father and uncle to fix up her family's summerhouse after it's violated by squatters in the off-season. It's an innocuous enough beginning, but things quickly take a turn for the sinister when Sarah begins to hear strange sounds emanating from the walls of the boarded-up house.

Is someone or something trying to get out? Is the house haunted? Or is Sarah just going stark raving mad? Judging by the clip above, which shows a terrified, blood-soaked Sarah desperately trying to escape the house, it seems that she has some legitimate cause for alarm. Then again, we never do get a glimpse of what Sarah is running from, so it could all be in her head -- a popular device in films of late.

Either way, it'll be interesting to see how the film is received. Kentis and Lau's "Open Water" slowly and masterfully built tension throughout the course of the movie, and "Silent House" promises to do the same. Plus, we're interested to see what kind of acting chops 21-year-old Olsen has. She's been getting some strong buzz these days, and it's a safe bet that she's come a long way since playing herself in those direct-to-DVD "Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley" movies.

Does "Silent House" seem like a movie you'd like to see?