Paul Rudd Talks 'My Idiot Brother,' Rocks Grizzly Adams Beard: Sundance Film Festival Preview

Paul Rudd didn't look like his usual, clean-cut self when we visited him on set during his last day of filming the indie comedy "My Idiot Brother" this summer. In fact, sporting long hair, a bushy beard, cutoff shorts and a pair of bright orange Crocs, he looked like either a homeless man or the kind of guy who would follow Phish around on tour. That's because Rudd is playing the title character in the film and not, as you may have originally suspected, the idiot's less idiotic sibling. Check out what Rudd had to say about the film, which was directed by Jesse Peretz and debuts as this year's Sundance Film Festival, in the video below.

"I immediately go to jail for selling marijuana to a uniformed police officer," Rudd said of his character, an idealistic organic farmer who, in the wake of his incarceration, is forced to stay with each of his three sisters in turn. "However, the character is not dumb. The character just kind of appeals to everybody's higher angels and thinks that if he throws goodness out there, it will in turn come back." He's not exactly correct, as his attempts to sow happiness ultimately end up reaping a healthy amount of havoc.

As Rudd explains, he first stays with his uptight, career oriented sister (played by Elizabeth Banks), then crashes at the Park Slope, Brooklyn, home of another sister (Emily Mortimer) who's a new mom, and finally ends up at the Williamsburg loft that his lesbian sister (Zooey Deschanel) shares with her lover (Rashida Jones).

For Rudd, the best part of wrapping the film was being able to ditch the facial hair. "I'm going to shave tomorrow," he said. I'll do it in segments. You can never just shave a beard off. You have to do it piece by piece. Usually, the first thing I'll go for is the James A. Garfield or the Zachary Taylor. Just the chin shave. Actually, I don't know if Garfield had that. I'll have to Google it."

Does "My Idiot Brother" sound like a film you'd like to see? And what do you think of Rudd's beard?

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