EXCLUSIVE 'Skateland' Trailer: 'Twilight' Star Ashley Greene Heads Back To The '80s

The '80s were a decade filled with mix tapes, roller rinks and hanging out at Dairy Queen, an era when big hair, ridiculously tiny shorts, handlebar mustaches and keg parties reigned supreme, a last gasp of the simple life before advances in industry and technology changed society forever. In other words -- to quote Charles Dickens -- they were the best of times AND the worst of times.

All of that is captured in last year's Sundance favorite "Skateland," a poignant indie about friends growing up in a small Texas town, grappling with family problems and the uncertainties of their own future, and trying to guzzle a few more beers before they reluctantly take on the responsibilities of adulthood. It's also a film in which "Twilight" star Ashley Greene shows off her quite formidable dramatic acting chops and a solid fashion sense to boot, despite the 1980s' unfortunate obsession with leg warmers and perms. Check out the exclusive "Skateland" trailer premiere below!

Greene stars as Michelle, one of the aforementioned friends who spends her days cruising around town, listening to '80s tunes and hitting up house parties with BFF Ritchie Wheeler (Shiloh Fernandez), a talented writer who seems content to work at the titular Skateland roller rink (probably because he's got the perfect last name for it), and her older brother Brent (Heath Freeman), a pro motocross racer who's recently returned home to while away the days in a state of perpetual drunkenness.

Unlike her companions, however, Greene knows what she wants -- to get the hell out of Dodge and make something of her life. Of course, things aren't quite that simple, and it takes some serious family dysfunction, a whole lot of partying and a tragedy for these pals to make the leap from reckless adolescence to accountable adulthood.

In our opinion, the trailer perfectly captures that '80s vibe of being on the brink, of saying goodbye to a simpler time and ushering in a new, riskier, more exhilarating tomorrow. It's kind of like a dramatic "Dazed & Confused"... without Matthew McConaughey hitting on underage chicks.

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What did you think of the trailer? Are you excited to see Ashley Greene in a non-"Twilight" role?