'Sherlock Holmes 2' First Video Shows RDJ Dressed In Drag, Kicking Butt

Sherlock Holmes 2Guy Ritchie's "Sherlock Holmes" established the titular character as a super sleuth (OK, we already knew that), an anatomically intelligent bare-knuckle brawler and a master of disguise. Since the super sleuth part goes without saying at this point, it's the fighting and disguise-wearing that are front and center in the first video footage from the upcoming sequel, "Sherlock Holmes 2," in theaters December 16.

"Entertainment Tonight" visited the film's set to chat with stars Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law -- Holmes and Dr. Watson, respectively -- and to capture video of them in action. The ensuing footage shows some pretty awesome hand-to-hand combat in the woods, Law and a shirtless Downey scaling the outside of a train, the first peek at Noomi Rapace's (a.k.a. the original "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo") mysterious femme fatale interacting with Holmes and Watson and -- last but certainly not least -- a lipstick-and-blush-sporting Downey Jr. clad in various women's ensembles. Let's just say dude isn't the prettiest lady. Check out the video after the jump!

While the video doesn't offer much in the way of the film's plot -- all we know so far is that this time around the boys (and gal) grapple with the nefarious Professor Moriarty (played by Jared Harris) -- it does establish that the sequel is going to be at least as big and action-packed as the first one.

The movie footage aside, Downey and Law's interview is pretty amusing on its own. In it, the two talk about how they love Rapace but wouldn't want to fight with her: "Noomi's been really good. Really, really good," said Law. "[She's] been a great addition... You ask about who's in good shape, I think she would kick both of our asses -- she's a tough cookie."

Downey also talked about the genesis of Holmes' cross-dressing disguises. "I actually have to say that this 'Some Like It Hot' moment was kind of my idea," he smiled. "And then when we were getting closer and closer I was thinking, 'Is this a really bad idea?' And, as it happens, it's good, I think."

What do you think of the set-visit footage? Are you excited for "Sherlock Holmes 2"?

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