'The Dark Tower' Casting EXCLUSIVE: Roland Will Be Revealed This Week, Says Brian Grazer!

Who will play the part of Roland Deschain in the movie adaptation of "The Dark Tower"? That question has been gnawing at fans of Stephen King's epic book series ever since director Ron Howard and producing partner Brian Grazer decided to tackle the ambitions project, which will take the form of three movies and two TV series that will bridge the gap between the films.

Rumors have suggested that Viggo Mortensen and Javier Bardem are the lead contenders to play Roland, the last living member of a knightly order of "gunslingers," who lives in a world best described as the Wild West with magic and even more chaos. When MTV spoke to Howard a couple weeks back, he said he didn't yet have a script (frequent collaborator Akiva Goldsman is writing one) and was still in the "early stages" of casting the role... though he did admit that things were "moving forward" with a "tremendous amount of momentum."

But when MTV News caught up with Grazer after the Golden Globes on Sunday night, he revealed that things are moving perhaps even more quickly than Howard let on.

Like Howard, Grazer wouldn't give a concrete yea or nay on whether Mortensen or Bardem are the potential Roland -- when we asked if he'd talked to the two actors about the part, he simply laughed and responded, "Sure." Grazer did say, however, that a casting announcement is imminent. How imminent? "Within a week," he said. Seriously? "Seriously. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Seriously," he assured us before asking, "Who do you want?" Honestly, we'll take either of them. "OK, great," Grazer concluded. We couldn't agree more.

When we spoke to Howard during the press day for his comedy "The Dilemma," he talked a bit about his plans for "The Dark Tower" series and how involved he will be. "Right now what we're talking about is a movie and six or eight hours of television to bridge. My plan is to do most of those TV hours, if not all, and certainly the movies." And, in case you thought the roles of the main characters would be recast for the TV series, Howard confirmed that the actors from the films will indeed reprise their roles on the small screen. Watch our interview with Howard below.

We'll be sure to let you know when the official Roland casting is announced. Until then, hit the comments to tell us who you think is perfect for the role!