'The Dilemma' Cast Answers Fan Questions, Gets Insulted & Hit On In 'Fanline With Josh Horowitz'

MTV's Josh Horowitz has done some questionably tasteful, unquestionably hilarious things in the pursuit of journalism, most of them as part of MTV's "After Hours" series. He's taken shots to the groin courtesy of Jason Segel and Jack Black, went pantsless at a slumber party with Jessica Alba and tested the American accents of the "Harry Potter" cast.

In his latest such video endeavor, "Fanline," Josh asks the cast of "The Dilemma" -- Vince Vaughn, Kevin James, Jennifer Connelly and Winona Ryder -- to answer questions emailed or tweeted by their loyal fans. Interestingly enough, every one of the questions comes from a guy named Josh.

Things start off pleasantly enough with some praise for James and his brilliant turn in "Paul Blart: Mall Cop," but they soon take a turn for the weird, uncomfortable and hilarious when "fan" Josh heinously insults Vaughn (and his "holiday-ruining" film "Fred Claus") and blatantly/overtly hits on Ryder.

Vaughn, James and co.'s will grapple with their "Dilemma" in theaters beginning this Friday, January 14. For now, the only dilemma you should be having is about how many times in a row you should watch the above video. Ten. The answer is 10.

What did you think of "Fanline"?