Seth Rogen Squashes Rumors That He'll Be In The 'Rock Of Ages' Movie

This past summer, rumors started popping up that gravelly voiced Seth Rogen was in talks to take on a role in the big-screen adaptation of the hit Broadway musical "Rock of Ages." The rumors did seem a bit strange, especially since they seemed to stem from the fact that the actor attended a showing of the musical in Toronto while there to film Sarah Polley's "Take This Waltz." Toronto's The Star suggested that he was doing research to play the role of "Rock of Ages" narrator Lonny, and the rumor mills were a-spinning.

MTV News chatted with Rogen at the recent press day for "The Green Hornet" (in theaters this Friday, January 14), and asked the comedic actor whether he's prepping to unveil his singing voice to the moviegoing world in the flick. His answer wasn't exactly surprising.

"I heard that rumor, but I can't sing at all," Rogen told us. "I would be the worst guy to put in that movie. I saw 'Rock of Ages.' It was pretty good. I liked the music. But I can't sing. I think people should be aware of that," he laughed. "Yeah, I know nothing about any real version of that."

There you have it. Moviegoers will not get to see Rogen duet with Tom Cruise or Gwyneth Paltrow -- who are reportedly in talks -- in a "Rock of Ages" movie. For my money, Rogen showing off his raspy, off-key singing voice would have been music to my ears... or at least pretty funny.

Are you bummed that Rogen won't be in the "Rock of Ages" movie? Who would you like to see cast?