'The Social Network' Leads National Society Of Film Critics Awards, 'Ghost Writer' Nabs Surprise Win

The Social NetworkThe National Society of Film Critics announced their winners from the past year's crop of films and, as has been the trend with recent awards shows, "The Social Network" took top honors, winning Best Picture, Best Director and Best Screenplay with room to spare. Jesse Eisenberg also won as Best Actor, but was neck-in-neck with Colin Firth of "The King's Speech" for the victory.

There were a few surprise wins, however. Olivia Williams won Best Actress In A Supporting Role for her performance in "The Ghost Writer," beating both Amy Adams and Melissa Leo for their roles in "The Fighter." And the NSFC awarded Giovanna Mezzogiomo Best Actress for her performance in the Italian drama "Vincere," beating out Annette Bening in "The Kids Are All Right" and Lesley Manville in "Another Year."

Geoffrey Rush walked away with the trophy for Best Actor In A Supporting Role for "The King's Speech," but only by one vote. "True Grit" also got some love, with Roger Deakins winning the award for Best Cinematography. "Black Swan" and "Somewhere" trailed behind, but "True Grit" had a definite lead. Unfortunately for the Oscar hopeful, "True Grit" didn't place in the top three for any of the other categories.

While the NSFC winners are far from a guarantee for who will win at the Academy Awards, the fact that "The Social Network" dominated three of the biggest awards by a large margin seems to cement it as the front runner for Best Picture and Director. But Eisenberg is far from a shoo-in for Best Actor, with Colin Firth only losing by one vote. And considering the Academy has a habit of gifting awards to actors who were jipped in the past, Firth might be looking at his first Oscar this year since he didn't win last year for "A Single Man" (though Jeff Bridges definitely deserved the victory last year).

It was also surprising how much of a close race it was for Best Actor In A Supporting Role. Every person I've talked to has a different take on who was the best supporting actor in 2010, but it really does seem like a toss up between Rush, Christian Bale in "The Fighter" and (surprise!) Jeremy Renner in "The Town."

Do you think "The Social Network" deserves all the love it's been getting? Are you glad to see "The Ghost Writer" and "True Grit" get some recognition?