Sam Worthington On 'Clash Of The Titans' 'Mistakes,' 'Wrath Of The Titans' Awesomeness

The last time we checked in with the goings-on surrounding the "Clash of the Titans" sequel, "Wrath of the Titans," Liam Neeson confirmed both his involvement and the second film's title. Now, thanks to a recent chat with star Sam Worthington, MTV News has scored a few more details about the upcoming film.

"We go in March," Worthington said about the production's start date. "I've had lots of talks with [director] Jonathan [Liebesmen]. There's mistakes in the first one we're hopefully going to try and rectify," he admitted.

"Clash" director Louis Leterrier revealed a few regrets recently, but we were curious which mistakes Worthington was referring to.

"There weren't enough Titans, to be honest," he said. "Not enough, and we were beholden to the first story, which is always a hard and delicate situation to be in." For the sequel, however, Worthington said the filmmakers have "carte blanche" to do whatever they want, and that he's looking forward to revisiting a few other areas in need of improvement.

"We can increase a lot of things also, the post-production on the 3-D got criticized, I think people commented on that... even my own performance. I think I can ramp it up, can act a bit better," he said.

Worthington also talked about how the all-star cast of "big boys," including new cast member Javier Bardem as Ares the God of War, has upped the ante for "Wrath."

"That's the thing, we've got Liam [Neeson] and Ralph [Fiennes] back in. We all want a bit more of a challenge," he explained. "If you've got top actors you're working against, we all want to be pushing ourselves. We don't want it just to be a payday, you want to improve on it," he said.

Refreshingly bold and honest statements from a now big-time actor. I know I for one would love to see more Titans in the sequel. And more Fiennes, to be honest.

What do you think of Worthington's comments? Do you agree that there were mistakes in the first film? Tell us in the comments!