New Year's Resolutions, 'Black Swan' And Unicorns In Today's Twitter-Wood

Black SwanIt was appropriate that for the last Twitter-Wood update of 2010, the feed included plenty of examples of what made the year great. "Black Swan" reactions continued to appear, while Michael Ian Black and Brody Stevens wished horrible fates upon people for the new year and Seth MacFarlane proposed a New Year's resolution for anyone who hasn't picked one yet.

Ice-T sounded off with his feelings about the police, as he apparently got pulled over this week. His rant, as well as Jeremy Piven's fear of saunas and Anna Kendrick's love for the show "Misfits" can be found down below.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is Twitter-Wood for December 30, 2010.

@jeremypiven Straight men have never seen a sauna @ a gym, they might have unicorns we don't know!

-Jeremy Piven, Actor ("Entourage," "The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard")

"Black Swan" pt. 1: @rustyrockets Mum,I'm the swan queen! This ballet company is too competitive, Winona Ryder is freaking out. Must cut toenails- send condoms.

-Russell Brand, Actor ("Forgetting Sarah Marshall," "Get Him to the Greek")

"Black Swan" pt. 2: @DavidSpade love natalie portman in black swan. movie made me feel unconf the whole time so guess thats good. the rocky of ballerina movies. sort of...

-David Spade, Actor ("Tommy Boy," "Joe Dirt")

@AnnaKendrick47 How is Misfits such a great show with such an unlikeable brat for a main character? Gives me hope for a movie of my life.

-Anna Kendrick, Actress ("Twilight," "Up in the Air")

@FINALLEVEL Got pulled over leaving a club in AZ last night. Got the 'Field Sobriety Test'.. I don't drink but I was nervous as hell. I passed but F---!

-Ice-T, Actor ("New Jack City," "Law and Order: SVU")

@SethMacFarlane Tweeters, if you need a resolution for 2011, how ‘bout we work on getting the whole “your/you’re” thing down?

-Seth MacFarlane, Writer/Producer/Actor ("Family Guy," "American Dad!")

@michaelianblack My prayer for the New Year: that each and every day of 2011 features a different celebrity break-up.

-Michael Ian Black, Writer/Actor ("Run Fatboy Run," "Wet Hot American Summer")

@BrodyismeFriend The kid who spent 100 dollars on a raffle, winning Ron Artest's real NBA Lakers World Championship ring... I hope he gets mugged.

-Brody Stevens, Actor ("The Hangover," "Blind Ambition")

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