'LOTR' Star Billy Boyd Gets Married, And We Have A Photo Of His Ring-Bearing (Hobbit) Wedding Party

Billy BoydCongratulations are in order for "Lord of the Rings" star Billy Boyd, who got hitched to his longtime girlfriend Ali McKinnon earlier today.

While it was reported that the ceremony and subsequent celebration were small and intimate, we couldn't help but wondering what it would look like if Boyd had his fellow "LOTR" ring bearers reprise their roles in his wedding party.

To this end, we turned to our dear friend Photoshop and whipped up a pretty sweet photo of Boyd with an all-Hobbit wedding party. Check out the pic after the jump.

Hobbit Ring-Bearers

Do you think Boyd would be classy enough to pull off the tuxedo shirt for his own wedding? Considering he and McKinnon have a 4-year-old son and have been living together for years, his new wife probably wouldn't have minded (that much). We doubt she would have been okay with him proposing with this, though.

What could be more fitting than Boyd having his big-footed, second-breakfast-loving, Shire-dwelling Fellowship of the Ring compatriots there to support him when he received his One Ring in real life? How about a grizzled Viggo Mortensen bowing to Boyd at the altar or Ian McKellan, re-bearded in either grey or white -- we're cool either way -- and showing his approval with a knowing gaze in the background? Well, a "Lord of the Rings" fangirl can dream.

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