Morgan Spurlock's 'The Greatest Movie Ever Sold' To Premiere At Sundance

The Greatest Movie Ever SoldIt should come as no surprise to anyone who's seen a studio movie in the past 30 years that many films rely on branding, advertising and product placement for part of their funding. But, then again, pretty much everyone knew McDonald's is terrible for you, and yet they were still left flabbergasted by Morgan Spurlock's 2004 documentary "Super Size Me." Needless to say, Spurlock's latest doc, "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold," should prove a bit shocking to those interested in how movies are created and funded in Hollywood.

Spurlock chose to examine the world of product placement, marketing and advertising by financing his film solely through the use of product placement, marketing and advertising. The film will premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

Sundance's description of the film calls it the "'Iron Man' of documentaries, the first ever 'docbuster'!" and implies that Spurlock has succeeded in his task. "Utilizing cutting-edge tools of comic exploration and total self-exploitation, Spurlock dissects the world of advertising and marketing by using his personal integrity as currency to sell out to the highest bidder," the synopsis continues. Judging by how great "Super Size Me" was, "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold" sounds like it's going to be absolutely hilarious.

Spurlock said in a statement that he "funded this entire film with money from some pretty straight-laced companies, and the end result will surely make you laugh all the way to therapy."

The documentary, which is slated for a release in spring 2011, might not revolutionize the movie industry the same way "Super Size Me" did for fast food... but it should open many peoples' eyes to how films are made nowadays. Can we recommend a back-to-back showing of this and "This Film Is Not Yet Rated"?

Does Morgan Spurlock's latest doc sound interesting to you?