Kevin Smith's 'Red State' Trailer Certainly Won't Be Mistaken For 'Clerks 3'

Holy anti-"Clerks," Bluntman! The trailer for Kevin Smith's upcoming horror flick "Red State" has arrived online, and it's safe to say that Jay and Silent Bob won't be making an appearance in this puppy.

A horror flick in which three teenagers answer an online advert for a gang bang and wind up being terrorized by religious fundamentalists, "Red State" marks a seriously significant change of pace for a man who's built his filmmaking career on dick and fart jokes (and, yes, the occasional poignant romantic comedy about a lesbian who falls in love with a dude).

Sure, the whole orgy premise that kicks off "Red State" sounds like vintage Smith, but as the ominous and -- dare we say it -- chilling trailer makes perfectly clear, things take a turn for the weird soon after that. And we're not talking about devil's threesome weird... but more "put the kids in cages and ball-gag them" strange.

Also interesting for a Kevin Smith trailer, there is absolutely no dialogue -- and, as any movie fan knows, dialogue is Smith's bread and butter. Instead, the only noise we hear in the trailer is a spoken-word hymn of sorts, being intoned in voice over as a series of images -- many of them violent -- flash before our eyes. We see cast members Kyle Gallner, Kelly Bishe and others being shot at, gagged, caged and crying for their mothers as God knows what is done to them. Needless to say, it'll be interesting to see how this one is received when it debuts at Sundance this January.

What do you think of the "Red State" trailer? Are you psyched to see what Smith can do with a horror flick?