James Franco And His Grandma Have A Christmas Message For '127 Hours' Haters

Ever wondered what Christmas at the Franco house looks like? Well you're about to find out. Continuing his trend of being awesome and hilarious, James Franco recorded a video for Funny or Die in which he and his family wish his fans a happy holiday... but it ends up being just a little bit more than that.

Franco has had a pretty big year, thanks to an invitation to host the Academy Awards and a sure-to-be-Oscar-nominated performance in "127 Hours." The film tells the real-life tale of mountain climber Aron Ralston, who got pinned under a boulder while climbing in Utah and stayed that way for five days... before cutting off his own arm to escape. It also provides the hilarious punchline for Franco's video message.

Once you're done swooning over the actor's cute interplay with his Santa-loving Jewish grandmother, please notice that Granny Franco is wearing an "I Kept My Eyes Open For 127 Hours" T-shirt, referring to the particularly graphic sequence in which Franco's character amputates his arm. Yes, Franco's grandma is that much more badass than all those sissies who hid their eyes and/or fainted in the theater (this coming from a girl who hasn't seen the movie yet).

"I loved it," Nana Franco says about the film. "I'm so proud of you."

So what does she think of all the people who have steered clear of "127 Hours" because they can't handle the aforementioned arm removal scene?

"I think they're a bunch of pussies!" she screams cheerily before erupting into a fit of laughter.

Rock on, Grandma Franco. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to you too!

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