Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro And Jessica Alba Are Funny 'Little Fockers' In Three Clips From The Film

As you've likely seen via countless TV spots and trailers, Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro are back with yet another installment of their "Meet the Parents"/"Fockers" franchise. "Little Fockers" revolves around the newest additions to the Focker family, 5-year-old twins Henry and Samantha, and specifically their birthday party, as well as Greg (Stiller) once again trying to prove himself a capable man of the house to his demanding father-in-law (De Niro).

For those who can't get enough of the comedic stylings of the Stiller/De Niro duo, MTV News is happy to present you with three splendiforous clips.

Clip #1 opens with little Henry asking dad, Greg, if he can scale a climbing wall. His exact words are: "Dad, can I please go climb that big rock wall?" -- which, for any astute viewer, provides a bit of foreshadowing. Henry goes off to climb, while Greg and Jack discuss whether or not Greg has imparted on his son the proper skills to achieve such a feat. Naturally, when Greg ends the discussion with "You've just got to accept that I've got this," Henry falls off the wall and lands with a thud.

Clip #2 introduces us to Jessica Alba's character, Andi Garcia, a bewitching pharmaceutical rep not to be confused with actor Andy Garcia. We also get reacquainted with Pam's lovelorn ex Kevin (Owen Wilson), who attempts to impress Garcia and pass himself off as a doctor, but "not in the western sense of the word." Greg cuts him off, "Not in any sense of the word, you're an investment banker."

Clip #3 brings us a delightful little gift exchange between Greg's parents, Bernie (Dustin Hoffman) and Roz (Barbra Streisand) -- who are my favorite characters --- and Pam's, Jack and Dina (Blythe Danner). Bernie and Roz have gifted Jack with his very own personalized yarmulke, along with a detailed genealogy and the revelation that Jack is 1/23 Israelite.

"Welcome to the tribe!" Roz says.

"While I dispute the findings, I appreciate the gesture," Jack answers back.

Warm fuzzies for all! "Little Fockers" opens today, December 22.

Will you be seeing "Little Fockers" this holiday season?

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