What Is Your Favorite Christmas Movie Of All Time? Vote In Our Poll!

A Christmas StoryIt's December 22 and, in the immortal words of Billy Mack, Christmas is all around. Although there a just a few short days until the holiday arrives steeped in eggnog and carols and jolly fat men in bright red suits, there's still some time to cram in a fair amount of Christmas-movie watching.

But what will you pop in your DVD player or tune to on your tele (24 hours of "A Christmas Story" on TNT kicks off at 8 p.m. December 24, people!)? Will you opt for a classic like "It's a Wonderful Life" or "Miracle on 34th Street," something newer like "Love Actually," "Home Alone" or "Elf"... or even something a tad more unconventional like "Gremlins" or "Die Hard"? Or -- and if this is the case, more power to you -- will you hit up your DVR to watch one of those delightful Lifetime or ABC Family original Christmas flicks: Kevin Sorbo in "The Santa Suit, a bunch of cute dogs in "Santa Buddies: The Legend of Santa Paws," or Christina Milian and Chad Michael Murray in "Christmas Cupid," anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

We here at MTV Movies Blog want to know which Christmas movie you turn to when you're in desperate need of some holiday cheer, when you want to turn your frown upside down and your inner Ebenezer Scrooge into, well, the reformed Ebenezer Scrooge at the end of "A Christmas Carol." So hit the jump for our poll, where you can vote for your favorite Christmas movie of all time!

Which is your favorite Christmas movie of all time?Market Research

Why is the movie you voted for your favorite? And, if we didn't include your fave in the poll, tell us what it is in the comments!