The 10 Best Movies of 2010

Best Movies of 2010

Like any other year, 2010 has had its share of good and bad -- in general and when it comes to movies. For every piece of filmmaking gold we discovered, there was a steaming cinematic turd to scrape from beneath our shoe. But since the holidays are upon us and I'm feeling generous, I'm going to embrace the spirit of the season, take the high road and bypass ragging on the critical, box-office and creative failures of the past year. Instead I want to focus on celebrating all that was groundbreaking, captivating and good in the movie world in 2010. And, perhaps surprisingly, there was a lot of good stuff in theaters this year.

Christopher Nolan's "Inception" proved that all the great ideas haven't already been used and that it's still possible to craft a visually and thematically unique cinematic narrative. "The Town" solidified Ben Affleck's status as one of the most promising triple threats (writer, director and actor) in Hollywood, marking a huge career comeback for a guy who'd been all but written off. "Toy Story 3" and "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1" delivered richly textured, compelling and satisfying sequels. "Black Swan" messed with moviegoers' minds (and boasted a steamy Natalie Portman-Mila Kunis scene for the ages). "The Social Network"'s riveting take on the drama behind the founding of Facebook earned the film instant-classic talk. "The Kids Are All Right" and "The King's Speech" entertained for very similar and very different reasons. And movies like "The Fighter" and "True Grit" turned out to be more than worthy of their titles.

And so, it is with great pleasure that I present my picks for the top 10 movies of 2010. Click on the pic below for a photo-gallery countdown.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

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