Emily Blunt Talks Time-Travel Flick 'Looper,' Co-Starring Bruce Willis And Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Emily Blunt has played a lot of wildly different parts in her career -- a cutthroat magazine assistant in "The Devil Wears Prada," a crime-scene spiffer-upper in "Sunshine Cleaning," the queen of England in "The Young Victoria" and now, in "Gulliver's Travels" (in theaters December 25), the thimble-sized princess of Liliput. But she's never before -- to our knowledge at least-- played an ax-wielding, time-traveling, futuristic farm girl.

As the sassy actress told MTV News at the press junket for "Gulliver's Travels," she'll do exactly that in the upcoming sci-fi time-travel thriller "Looper." Written and directed by visionary "Brick" filmmaker Rian Johnson, "Looper" also stars Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, with both actors playing the same man in different time periods.

"It's sort of post-apocalypto time travel, time-traveling world where it's a dog-eat-dog world," Blunt said of the film. "And it's set in sort of 2050 or 2060, that sort of time, when the world has gone to s***."

Blunt revealed that she'll share the majority of her scenes with Gordon-Levitt -- "I have one [scene] with Bruce and the rest is with Joe," she said -- but declined to elaborate too much on the plot, which reportedly revolves around a group of time-hopping killers known as Loopers. "It's really a very cool high-concept movie that I probably will take all day if I try to explain it," she said. "But I think Rian Johnson is somewhat of a genius, and I thought 'Brick' was phenomenal as a movie. So I'm really excited."

Adding to Blunt's excitement is the no-nonsense attitude and sheer badassery displayed by her character Sara. "I play a really tough girl, sort of Midwestern, lives on a farm. I wield an ax and shoot a gun," she shared enthusiastically. But while she's not daunted by the physicality of the role, Blunt did acknowledge at least one skill that will need some honing before filming starts. "I've got to learn how to chop wood at some point."

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