'Family Guy' Exclusive: Watch Nine Minutes Of The 'Return Of The Jedi' Parody 'It's A Trap!'

Family Guy: It's a Trap!Tossing zingers at "Star Wars" is old hat for "Family Guy" and its creator Seth MacFarlane. The edgy Fox series has already poked fun at the first two installments in George Lucas' original sci-fi trilogy with "A New Hope" and "Empire Strikes Back" parodies titled "Blue Harvest" (a reference to the original working title of the first "Star Wars" film) and "Something, Something, Something, Darkside" (a reference to, well, nothing), respectively.

Both spoofs have been gargantuan hits, both on TV and DVD -- so it doesn't take a Jedi with an off-the-charts metachlorian count to see why MacFarlane and co. have decided to round out their very own trilogy with the "Return of the Jedi" parody "It's a Trap!" (which, by the by, derives its named from the famous line uttered by General Ackbar in the film).

The one-hour long movie hits DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday, December 21, but you don't have to wait until tomorrow for your first look at "It's a Trap!" MTV has exclusively nabbed nine minutes of footage from the flick, including the opening four-plus minutes. Check out the clips after the jump!

Following the formula employed in "Blue Harvest" and "Something, Something, Something, Darkside," "It's a Trap" retells "Jedi" with members of the Griffin clan and their friends standing in for the beloved "Star Wars" characters: Peter is Han Solo, Chris is Luke Skywalker, Lois as Princess Leia, Brian as Chewbacca, Stewie as Darth Vader (naturally), Quagmire as C-3PO, Cleveland as R2-D2 and Paraplegic Joe as Jabba the Hut (though Quagmire-3P0 mistakes him for Alec Baldwin -- zing!).

Cultural references, Stormtrooper bike chases, Ted Griffin (from "Caddyshack") and Pee-Wee Herman cameos, and even a lingering shot of Peter's bare, farting butt abound. The Force is strong with this one.

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