EXCLUSIVE: Ed Burns Joins Megan Fox, Jon Hamm in 'Friends With Kids'

It's not often we hear about an actor's participation in a film before it's formally announced via Variety or The Hollywood Reporter, but today we're happy to report that MTV News has learned exclusively that Ed Burns has joined 'Friends with Kids,' the upcoming star-studded romantic comedy from "Kissing Jessica Stein" actress-writer-director Jennifer Westfeldt.

Burns is the latest noteworthy addition to the already impressive cast, which includes Megan Fox, Jon Hamm, Adam Scott and Kristen Wiig.

Burns gave us the big scoop when we paid a visit to the set of his new thriller "Man on a Ledge," co-starring Sam Worthington.

"I play one of the characters that has kids, that seems to be doing a pretty good job parenting, even though I'm going through a divorce," Burns revealed. "My love interest is the writer/director [Jennifer Westfeldt]." Burns teased that his character may or may not stick around for the entire film. "I kind of show up and [Westfeldt's character] is like, 'Oh, maybe this is the answer.' But I don't want to ruin anything," he said.

The film reportedly revolves around a pair of thirty-something best friends (Westfeldt and Scott) who, in order to bypass the stress of having kids the traditional way -- getting married and/or being in a romantic relationship -- decide to have a child with each other and then proceed to date other people. Fox will play a girl who Scott dates; Hamm and Wiig will play a second couple in the film.

"Friends with Kids" is set to be released sometime in 2011.

What do you think of Burns' addition to the cast? Based on what we know so far, who should end up together in the end? Tell us in the comments!