Jessica Alba Breaks Out Her PJs For A 'Slumber Party'

MTV's Josh Horowitz got to live out every blue-blooded heterosexual male's fantasy earlier this week when "Little Fockers" star Jessica Alba popped on by our offices for a good old-fashioned slumber party. Jessica Alba in pajamas, possibly wanting to have a pillow fight -- not a bad gig, right?

Well, as it turns out Alba's idea of a slumber party was just a wee bit different. To be sure, it involved the adorable actress in some very cute PJs -- always a bonus -- but large knives, avocado hair masks and Greek-yogurt facials were also on the menu. Luckily, Alba did agree to the ages-old slumber party pasttime of "Truth or Dare" (which, as we all know, was invented by Madonna). Did things get scandalous? See for yourself...

With which celebrity -- other than Alba, of course -- would you want to have a slumber party? Tell us in the comments!