EXCLUSIVE: 'How It Should Have Ended: Tron' Puts A Hip-Hop Spin On The 1982 Sci-Fi Classic

With "Tron: Legacy" hitting theaters today (December 17), there's been a lot of talk about the original 1982 "Tron" and what it does and doesn't have when compared to the new one. While the original lacks the eye-popping 3-D and sleek new CGI of "Legacy," it does have sweet neon-colored light cycles and a young Jeff Bridges, just like the new one. There is, however, one thing that both films lack: Tron, clad in aviator sunglasses and sporting enough gold around his neck to make Mr. T jealous, rapping about life on the Grid.

That's where "How It Should Have Ended: Tron" comes in. This video, procured exclusively by MTV from HowItShouldHaveEnded.com, showcases an animated version of the titular character dropping beats about light cycles, light discs, Clu and the MCP like it's his job, all while his very own posse of scantily clad female "programs" (aka Robert Palmer Girls minus the Robert Palmer) dance behind him. And, yes -- in the words of Robert Palmer himself: This clip is simply irresistible. Check it out below.

Now, we know Tron is no Eminem, but we can't help but applaud his skills. He does have a way with the rhymes, the ladies do seem to love him, and he kind of looks like he was drawn by the "South Park" guys. All of which is to say, we think the Tronster could have a future in the music racket.

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