George Clooney Takes Over For RDJ In 'Gravity'

George ClooneyThe revolving door of casting news/changes that has plagued Warner Bros' "Gravity" might officially have come to an end today, with The Hollywood Reporter breaking the news that George Clooney has signed on to take over Robert Downey Jr.'s role in the Alfonso Cuaron-directed sci-fi pic. Coincidentally enough, our savvy team here at Movies Blog suggested this very switch back in October when rumors surfaced that RDJ was dropping out.

Clooney takes over as a leader of a space station (said to be a supporting role) who is one of two survivors after the station is destroyed by space debris. Sandra Bullock (in the lead role) is playing a mother who is determined to return to Earth so she can be reunited with her daughter.

Fingers crossed that this is the last change we'll see in the cast. 'Gravity' started out with Angelina Jolie and RDJ attached, which we have to admit, would have been an awesome pairing. But then Jolie dropped out, only to be replaced by Bullock. A great pairing again! And then RDJ departed... and now we have Clooney and Bullock, which, all things considered, is a pretty impressive replacement team.

Production is said to begin in April or May, so Bullock can finish "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" with Tom Hanks. Clooney, meanwhile, will work around his shooting schedule for "The Ides of March," the political drama based on the play "Farragut North," which he's directing and starring in alongside Ryan Gosling.

What do you think of the news? Is Clooney a good fit? Tell us in the comments!