Jason Segel Clears Up 'Muppets' Movie Rumors: Paul Rudd And 3-D Are Out, Lady Gaga May Be In

It seems that "The Muppets" movie has more questions surrounding it than potential guest stars, so MTV's Josh Horowitz decided to set the record straight when he sat down with the film's star Jason Segel while he was promoting "Gulliver's Travels." Fortunately, Segel was able to answer several of the most important questions surrounding the upcoming film, but not the most important one: Will the Dracula musical make an appearance in the movie? Fingers crossed!

But the film will indeed be a full-fledged musical like Muppets movies from the 1990s. "I sing and dance," Segel confirmed. "Get ready. I actually dance. I like, dance. It's pretty crazy." Apparently there are between 10 and 12 musical numbers. Again, Dracula musical?! But at least Segel promised that -- for now -- the film won't be in 3-D.

Segel also comfirmed what Paul Rudd himself told MTV: Rudd won't be appearing in the film. He also revealed that Rudd was never intended to be the voice of the new Muppet named Walter; rather, puppeteer Peter Linz is going to be singing and voicing (and moving) Walter for the film. There was instead a moment when Walter imagines himself as a human, and Rudd seemingly would have played that human. Segel wouldn't confirm or deny whether or not Michael Cera is now in contention to take that role.

Last but not least there's the rumor that Lady Gaga has come on board for a cameo role. When Horowitz congratulated Segel on landing the new queen of pop, Segel responded, "Did we? I haven't heard yet! I'm being totally serious."

He added, "We're trying. I haven't heard if anything happened yet. This is breaking news! I'm being totally serious. We are hoping to get Lady Gaga, yeah, but we haven't heard anything yet." He'd better hurry -- Owen Wilson just told us that he wants Gaga for "Zoolander 2."

There was some breaking musical cameo news announced today for "The Muppets." Turns out Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl will be playing a replacement drummer for Electric Mayhem drummer Animal when the Muppet has to go to anger management. Sounds like perfect casting to us!

Are you looking forward to "The Muppets" movie?