Golden Globe Nominations, Julian Assange And 'The Fighter' In Today's Twitter-Wood

The FighterYou definitely haven't seen Christian Serratos in the "Twilight" series wearing the kind of makeup she put on for a Black Keys video in her feed this week. She and Danny Masterson both sported some new looks and posted pics.

The big trending topic in international news today, though, was WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange getting granted bail in London, where Michael Moore stepped in and got personally involved. His reaction to the situation and a roundup of Golden Globe nomination chatter have been retweeted for you after the jump.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is Twitter-Wood for December 14, 2010.

Twitter Pic of the Day:

@cserratos The Black Keys, Howlin' For You music video. This is my assassin look. I had so much fun.

-Christian Serratos, Actress ("Twilight," "New Moon")

@dannymasterson im beefing up for my portrayal of jake lamotta in Raging Bull 2 "bulls revenge" ... pretty excited.

-Danny Masterson, Actor ("That '70s Show," "Yes Man")

@MMFlint London court has accepted bail money from me & others & has just released WikiLeaks' Assange on bail! Cheering in courtroom.

-Michael Moore, Director ("Bowling for Columbine," "Canadian Bacon")

Golden Globes pt. 1: @DamonLindelof Also, I did this list late October or WALKING DEAD would top it. A hugely deserved Globes nod. DRAPER!!!!

-Damon Lindelof, Writer/Producer ("Lost," "Star Trek")

Golden Globes pt. 2: @jonhurwitz Guess we can all finally agree that Johnny Depp is the funniest man on Earth. #ThanksGoldenGlobes

-Jon Hurwitz, Writer ("Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle")

Golden Globes pt. 3: @DanaBrunetti Congrats to @kevinspacey for his @goldenglobes nomination for CASINO JACK!

-Dana Brunetti, Producer ("The Social Network," "Casino Jack")

Golden Globes pt. 4: @neilhimself @warrenellis Congratulations on the Golden Globe nom! If you go to the awards, @amandapalmer can give you red carpet dress & style tips.

-Neil Gaiman, Writer ("Coraline," "Stardust")

Golden Globes pt. 5: @warrenellis @neilhimself everyone is hoping I don't have to get undressed under a jacket in front of cameras.

-Warren Ellis, Writer ("Red," "G.I. Joe: Resolute")

@hitRECordJoe THE FIGHTER ~ thought I had it pegged, but at every turn it exceeded expectations. Nuanced, heart-felt, and entertaining. Bale rules. #BNAT

-Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Actor ("Inception," "(500) Days of Summer")

@OfficialKat I made a 'Myst' reference yesterday while describing a parking garage. You know what I mean

-Kat Dennings, Actress ("Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist," "The House Bunny")

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