Liam Neeson Confirms 'Taken 2'; 'Taken' And 'The Transporter' TV Series' In The Works

Liam Neeson in TakenIf you're a fan of Liam Neeson: Badass, then this is a big ol' exciting "Taken" post is just for you! During a charity event in Belfast, Neeson confirmed that his butt-kicking alter-ego Bryan Mills will be back at it again, saving the lives of virgin daughters worldwide. In other words, he said, "Yes, there'll be a 'Taken 2,' before these limbs give up on me."

That confirmation comes coupled with the news from Deadline that EuropaCorp, writer Luc Besson's movie factory, is working on a "Taken" TV series that will hit the small screen as a follow-up to "Taken 2." Apparently the film is set to start filming in the spring once a director is chosen (I guess Pierre Morel wasn't down for another go-around?). There's no word yet on what the plot of the TV series would be, but I think we can safely assume that Neeson won't be starring in it.

"Taken 2" isn't the only sequel Neeson is gearing up for. Just last week Neeson confirmed that he'd be back for the "Clash of the Titans" sequel "Wrath of the Titans." And, of course, he's already filmed his cameo for "The Hangover 2."

Besson is also at work to bring his other recent action property, "The Transporter," to the small screen as well. Apparently a US distributor is already on board for the project, and shooting will begin early next year. The budget for the series is $48 million, which is plenty more than the $21 million budget for "The Transporter" and $32 million budget for "Transporter 2." Again, no word on whether the film's star, Jason Statham, will be attached to the series, but we'll probably be finding out soon. Episodes could hit the air as early as next November.

Which TV series are you more excited for: "The Transporter" or "Taken"?

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