Martin Scorsese Confirms He's Reteaming With Robert De Niro For 'The Irishman'

Robert De NiroDirector Martin Scorsese has a habit of working alongside the same actors for a multitude of different projects. But not all habits should be broken, especially when Scorsese is working with actors as talented as, say, Leonardo DiCaprio.

For a future project, Scorsese is turning his attention towards a tried and true face in his stable of ever-reliable actors: Robert De Niro. Digital Spy confirms an earlier MTV News scoop that Scorsese and De Niro are joining forces for "The Irishman," based on the novel "I Heard You Paint Houses."

The news comes straight from Scorsese's mouth, as the director "revealed that the project is currently going through financing, and shooting could begin as early as next year." He also revealed that "Gangs of New York" and "Cape Fear" screenwriter Steve Zallian is working on the script.

"The Irishman" tells the story of real-life mobster Frank "The Irishman" Sheeran, a union official who became a successful hitman for the mob.

"We have a more ambitious idea, hopefully, to make it a two-part type of film or two films," De Niro told MTV of the project earlier this year. "It's an idea that came about from Eric Roth to combine these movies using the footage from 'Paint Houses' to do another kind of a [film that is] reminiscent of a kind of '8 1/2,' 'La Dolce Vita,' [a] certain kind of biographical, semi-biographical type of Hollywood movie — a director and the actor — based on things Marty and I have experienced and kind of overlapping them."

The two movies De Niro referenced are works of Federico Fellini, the acclaimed filmmaker whose body of work has clearly influenced Scorsese in his own career. For more analysis on "The Irishman," check out our previous report.

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