'Thor' Teaser Trailer: It's Hammer Time For Chris Hemsworth

FROM SPLASH PAGE: Ever since Nick Fury uttered the phrase "the Avengers initiative" to Tony Stark at the end of the first "Iron Man," fans have been waiting with bated breath to see ol' Shellhead get together with Thor and Captain America on the silver screen. But there has been some skepticism as to how it would all work out — after all, Tony is a tech-based character while someone like Thor depends heavily on mysticism.

While we're not necessarily closer to an answer on how well they'll share the screen in "The Avengers," we certainly have a much better idea about how the Thunder God is going to fit into cinemas next summer.

Marvel Entertainment and Yahoo have unveiled the highly anticipated trailer for "Thor," director Kenneth Branagh's adaptation of the classic Marvel Comics hero starring Chris Hemsworth — and needless to say, it looks like Marvel has captured lightning in a bottle once again.

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