Tom Hardy And Shia LaBeouf To Play Bootleggers In 'The Wettest County In The World'

Tom Hardy"Boardwalk Empire" may have just ended its first season, but Hollywood isn't ready to give up on Prohibition yet. The Los Angeles Times has the news that Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf are teaming up to star in the dramatic thriller "The Wettest County in the World," which is coming at us from "The Road" director John Hillcoat. The title may sound a bit, um, XXX, but Hardy and LaBeouf will be playing Prohibition-era bootleggers and brothers... that is if the Times' sources are correct.

The screenplay for "County" is written by Nick Cave, who's best known for writing "The Proposition." The story will be based on the Matt Bondurant novel of the same name, which is fiction but inspired by Bondurant's family's real-life bootlegging adventures.

The three main characters are Jack, the youngest and most optimistic of the brothers; Forrest, who is reserved and suspicious, and Howard, who is aggressive and ready to take on their family's enemies. Assumedly LaBeouf would be playing Jack and Hardy would most likely be Forrest.

"County" had been put on hold for a while, but is reportedly now set to begin shooting in the spring. We should expect casting announcements for the third brother and author Sherwood Anderson within the next few weeks.

Hardy is filming "This Is War" right now and also has "The Dark Knight Rises" scheduled for next year. Since "Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon" has finished filming, LaBeouf has a pretty open slate, but the Times does mention that his involvement in "County" will probably delay the film "College Republicans" (which also had Paul Dano attached) from filming anytime soon.

Are you glad to see Hardy and LaBeouf working together in a period piece?