'Blue Valentine' Exclusive Clip: Ryan Gosling Serenades A Dancing Michelle Williams

There's nothing quite like that feeling of first love. It makes you want to sing, to dance, to forget yourself and just enjoy the moment, which is exactly what Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams do in the exclusive clip from "Blue Valentine" below (props to Gosling for a decent voice and Williams for those tap-dance moves).

"Blue Valentine" tells the wrenching story of a married couple over the course of many years, jumping back and forth in time to depict both the rapture of their early love (see above) and the subsequent crumbling of their relationship. It's an intense, emotional film that's drawing critical raves and loads of awards buzz for stars Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. It's the kind of end-of-the-year film audiences can't wait to see. There's just one problem: They might not get the chance.

The MPAA has gone ahead and slapped "Blue Valentine" with an NC-17 rating because of an emotionally raw sex scene in which Gosling's character orally pleasures Williams' character. The Weinstein Co., which is distributing the film, is still in the process of appealing the MPAA's decision. But should the NC-17 stick, it would prevent more than just under-17 moviegoers from seeing the film. The rating would preclude "Blue Valentine" from being screened in any major theater chains nationwide, relegating it to art house venues in major cities, drastically reducing its audience and severely crippling its awards chances.

In other words, it's fairly devastating for everyone involved. So fingers crossed that the above clip isn't all the "Blue Valentine" you get to see for awhile. The movie is slated for a limited release December 31, with a wider opening to follow should the rating be overturned. All together now: Come on R rating!

Are you excited to see "Blue Valentine"? And do you think it's unfair that it gets an NC-17 while other, equally risque movies get an R? Tell us in the comments!