Daft Punk's 'Derezzed' Video: 'Tron' References Decoded

Daft Punk's hotly anticipated video for "Derezzed," a track featured on the soundtrack the group did for "Tron Legacy," debuted on MTV this morning. If you're a "Tron" fanatic, chances are you'll love the thing. Even if you're not a Tronnie, you have to admit the vid looks cool and trippy as hell... but we'll forgive you if you're a bit lost when it comes to the video's subject matter. No clue what Flynn's is or why people are riding around on motorcycles made of neon light? MTV to the rescue!

Our very own Eric Ditzian has written an in-depth guide to the various "Tron" images and references in the clip. So check out Daft Punk's "Derezzed" video above, then hit the jump for the highlights from Eric's analysis.

Flynn's Arcade

The video opens on a shot of Flynn's Arcade. The arcade is owned by Kevin Flynn (played in the movies by Jeff Bridges), a renowned game designer who works for tech giant Encom until his ideas are stolen and he gets the ax. He opens the arcade to make a living, but soon hatches a plot to break into Encom to prove that they've stolen his games. While there, Flynn gets sucked into the Encom mainframe computer (bummer!) and is forced to fight off a bunch of pixelated, light-cycle-riding baddies throughout the first film (double bummer!). That very thing happens to Daft Punk in the video, except they're sucked into a "Derezzed" video game instead.

The Meaning of "Derezzed"

Though no such Encom game exists, "derezzed" is a popular term in the "Tron" universe used to describe a digital death, whereby one's program disappears. For example, that's what happens to that unfortunate jouster toward the end of the vid. Sorry, pal! (Click on the pics below for stills from the video with accompanying explanation.)

Derezzed by Daft Punk


Once the Daft Punk guys are sucked into the game, their digital selves, or "programs" written by "users" like Flynn, materialize as the riders of light-cycles. These vehicles are used in a gladiatorial racing game created by Flynn, in which riders try to get their competitors to crash into the trail of light emitted by their bike. In "Derezzed," Daft Punk plays with this idea a bit, with the bikes eventually morphing into mechanized steeds so their riders can joust at each other (something we haven't seen in "Tron").

"Tron" vs. "Tron: Legacy"

Though the song and video are for "Tron: Legacy," the vibe of the video -- and the clunky graphics -- are clearly a throwback to the 1982 original film. When "Tron Legacy" hits theaters on Dec. 17, it will keep some measure of the original's vibe while bringing to bear the latest in CGI, IMAX and 3-D technology (as well as the video's jousting victor, Olivia Wilde). In other words, get psyched.

What do you think of the video for "Derezzed"? And are you excited for "Tron: Legacy"? Tell us in the comments!