Chris Tucker Set To Hop Back Onto The Big Screen In 'The Rabbit'

Chris TuckerSometimes we just need a vacation from work. Some of us get a few days off around the holidays, others a few weeks, but Chris Tucker gets about half a decade. The last time we saw him on the big screen was in 2007's "Rush Hour 3," before that was in 2001's "Rush Hour 2" and, following the trend, before that was in 1998's "Rush Hour." But now he (allegedly) is coming back... and it didn't even take a "Rush Hour" movie to goad him back into action.

Deadline reports that Tucker is attached to star in Warner Bros.' newest acquisition, "The Rabbit." The film, which is being compared to "Midnight Run," was written by newcomer Micah Barnett and is being produced by Dan Lin ("Sherlock Holmes").

Because of Warner Bros. and Lin's partnership for the film, it seems safe to say that "The Rabbit" is pegged to be a mainstream comedy-action flick. It could seemingly also go the thriller route (Lin produced "The Box") or end up romantic (he also did "The Invention of Lying"), but considering Bernett also just optioned his script "The Merc List," which is a futuristic thriller, it seems like we're leaning towards the former genre.

It will be interesting to see if Tucker ends up sticking with the film. He's seemed a bit averse to being involved in anything other than the "Rush Hour" franchise over the past decade. In the 1990s, Tucker earned his comedy cred in "Friday," "The Fifth Element," "Money Talks" and a brief role in "Jackie Brown." Hollywood seems to have moved on without him, but it would be nice to see Tucker have a big comeback.

Are you excited that Chris Tucker is making another film not related to "Rush Hour"?