Johnny Depp Says 'I'm In' For '21 Jump Street' Cameo

Perhaps you've heard that "21 Jump Street," a 1980s TV series about undercover cops who specialize in youth crime, is getting a big-screen adaptation courtesy of Jonah Hill, who co-wrote the script and will star opposite Channing Tatum. You may have also heard that Hill wants Johnny Depp -- whose portrayal of Officer Tom Hanson on the show helped launched him to superstardom -- for a cameo. Well, here's a bit of news that might not have made its way to your ears: Depp is totally game for it.

The man known for playing Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood and Captain Jack Sparrow told MTV News exactly that at the Paris press junket for "The Tourist." "I've said I'm into it, but no one's actually approached me," Depp said of a role in "21 Jump."

Meanwhile, Jonah Hill, who specifically scripted a part for Depp in the film, told MTV as recently as last month that he'd love to have the iconic actor in the "21 Jump Street" reboot. In fact, he even made an on-camera pitch to Depp, joking: "Just do it, dude. Don't be an a--hole."

Depp's response: "Call him. I'm in. I'm. I think it'd be pretty easy."

We certainly will try calling Jonah, but perhaps in the meantime a rep for Depp or Hill could give the other's people a jangle to firm up this bit of cameo awesomeness. Judging by what Hill has told MTV of the film, it sounds like a win for everyone involved. It'll be "a hard-core, R-rated movie" that keeps the same premise as the TV show: young-looking cops go undercover at high school to crack down on youth crime.

"What happens is, they get caught up in the high school-ness as opposed to the police work," Hill said last year. "And whenever they get too caught up in the high school drama, police work comes in. And whenever they get too caught up in the police work, high school drama comes in."

Whether Depp would reprise his role as Tom Hanson -- perhaps now the chief of police? -- remains to be seen. But whatever the role, one thing is certain: Any Johnny is better than no Johnny at all.

Would a "21 Jump Street" movie be complete without a Johnny Depp cameo? Tell us in the comments!