'District 9' Director Neill Blomkamp And Star Sharlto Copley Reunite For 'Elysium'

Sharlto CopleyIt's time for another round of Good News, Bad News, folks, and we'll start off with the bad news.

Unfortunately, it looks like Neill Blomkamp and Sharlto Copley aren't reteaming for a "District 9" sequel as their next project. But don't get yourselves in a huff just yet, because even if "District 10" isn't in the immediate pipeline, Blomkamp and Copley are getting back together very soon nonetheless.

Deadline reports that the "District 9" director and star are reuniting for yet another science fiction movie in the form of "Elysium," a mysterious project that Blomkamp's name has been attached to for some months now. Copley's involvement is a new development, however, though it's still unknown exactly how he'll factor into the film.

Copley is the first actor to sign onto "Elysium," according to the report, though an insider suggests that Blomkamp and Media Rights Capital are "working out budget and are now meeting with actor reps."

Additionally, the film appears to be generating interest from several possible distributors around Hollywood, as Deadline reports: "Neil is taking meetings all over town. There is a lot of interest from every studio."

There's little to no available information regarding the plot and premise of "Elysium," beyond the fact that it's yet another sci-fi flick from Blomkamp. But instead of taking place on Earth, "Elysium" reportedly centers on a distant planet in the far future, while still honing in on the sociopolitical ideas that "District 9" handled so well.

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