'The Beaver' Trailer Debuts, But Can Mel Gibson's Latest Find Its Voice?

It's no secret that Mel Gibson isn't exactly the most liked person in show business these days. After several controversial comments and allegations of domestic abuse, among other similar difficulties, Gibson's public image could certainly use a helping hand — the kind that a cameo role in "The Hangover 2" won't fix, apparently.

But maybe he'll find redemption through his latest starring role in "The Beaver." The first official trailer for Jodie Foster's first directorial effort in 15 years arrived online over the weekend, and based on the story information we're treated to in the trailer, it appears that "The Beaver" hits rather close to home for Gibson.

Gibson stars as Walter Black, a successful toy executive and caring family man. Or, at least, that's who he was. These days, Black has come down with depression, wallowing in his illness after his wife (Foster) has kicked him out of their home. Just as all hope appears to be lost, Black stumbles upon a dirty puppet in a garbage dumpster. The self-identified Beaver begins speaking with Black and offers to help save his life, but his methods are extreme: Until Black is cured, the Beaver insists on handling all of his communication, including work and personal conversations.

It's a moving trailer that hints at an equally moving story, but one has to wonder whether or not "The Beaver" is going to suffer from Gibson's public image crisis. In a sad twist of fate, it appears that Gibson's real life syncs up quite comfortably with his latest character — but whether that makes for compelling cinema or an unwatchable affair remains to be seen.

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