Amber Heard's Girls' Getaway Goes Awry In An EXCLUSIVE Clip From 'And Soon The Darkness'

Amber Heard, an actress best known on the big screen for playing sexy man-eaters (sometimes literally, as in the case of "Zombieland"), is snagging headlines today for coming out as a lesbian. The 24-year-old made her sexuality public at GLAAD's 25th anniversary party on Friday when she walked the red carpet with her girlfriend, photographer Tasya van Ree.

Just in time to honor Heard for her courageous move, MTV Movies Blog has scored an exclusive clip of the actress from the upcoming thriller "And Soon the Darkness."

In the film, two girlfriends, Stephanie (Heard) and Ellie ("Cloverfield" star Odette Yustman), head to exotic Argentina for a relaxing girls' getaway filled with bar-hopping, sun-soaking and flirting with the local dudes. All is grand until Ellie goes missing, seemingly part of a string of unsolved tourist kidnappings. Distrusting the local sheriff, Stephanie teams with a kindly American ex-pat (Karl Urban) to find her friend. But who can she really trust? And can she find Ellie -- dun, dun, dun! -- before darkness falls?

The clip above offers some clues as to whether that happens, but one thing is certain: We're just beginning to see what Heard, who has also starred in "Pineapple Express" and "The Stepfather," can do on the silver screen. In addition to "And Soon the Darkness," Heard will play Johnny Depp's love interest in the upcoming "Rum Diary" and Nicolas Cage's sexy sidekick in February's "Drive Angry." Bring 'em on.

"And Soon the Darkness" hits screens for limited theatrical run on December 17 and will be available on Blu-ray and DVD beginning December 28.

What do you think of the clip? And are you surprised that Heard came out as a lesbian? Tell us in the comments!