Robert Downey Jr. To Channel 'Glee' In Big-Screen Musical Comedy

Robert Downey Jr.Here's another one to add to Robert Downey Jr.'s ever growing list of upcoming films: Deadline reports that RDJ is going to be starring in an untitled musical comedy from Brian Yorkey and Tom Kitt, the Pulitzer-prize winning duo behind the rock opera "Next To Normal."

For a man who is juggling six films on his plate right now, it's impressive that he's managed to have them all be wildly different from the others (unlike someone else we know).

The deals aren't set in stone yet, but Downey is expected to play one of two Broadway songwriters who end up financially and creatively bankrupt after their highly anticipated musical is a huge flop. To ease the pain, they take jobs as instructors at a theater camp they went to as kids.

RDJ has had something of a side career as a singer, but hasn't had his talents translate onscreen yet. He did record songs for the "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" and "Two Guys and a Girl" soundtracks, frequently sang during his guest stint on TV's "Ally McBeal" and released a solo album to coincide with "Tropic Thunder," but the idea of him starring in a musical comedy seems to be spot on with his career right now. He's a man who's been taking risks since he came back on top with "Iron Man," and those gambles have been working out so far.

Like "Emergency!," "Oz: The Great and Powerful" and "How To Talk To Girls," Downey isn't officially signed on for the film, but apparently he and his wife Susan Downey developed the idea with Yorkey and Kitt and they are both set to produce the film. It seems like he's in good shape to go forward with this one, and he also clearly seems to be hankering for a good ballad onscreen.

Of course, Downey has commitments with "Sherlock Holmes 2" (which is filming now) and "The Avengers" to think about before he confirms his involvement with any other films. But this film sounds like such an RDJ-style project that we just can't see him turn it down, though that could be our desire to see him perform a good song-and-dance number talking.

Would you like to see Robert Downey Jr. star in a musical comedy?