'Project X' Star Miles Teller Sheds Light On Todd Phillips' Comedy

Hard details about "Project X," the Todd Phillips-godfathered comedy starring a largely unknown cast of college-age kids, have been hard to come by these past few months. In general terms, the plot seems to have at least some connective creative tissue with Phillips' 1998 documentary, "Frat House," but in late August he told us, "It's not necessarily a return to that but a fresh approach to a really f--ked up incident."

What exactly that incident is — and how it ties into the movie's much-hyped "high concept" — Phillips wouldn’t say. No one, really, knows what the heck the movie is about. But now MTV News has learned details about one of the characters, played by Miles Teller.

We caught up with Teller on the red carpet for "Rabbit Hole" and asked him about "Project X."

"I play a kid who graduated from the high school the year before, kind of like the cool guy, cool dude on campus and brings a level of excitement and energy and other party favors to the party," he said.

That's as far as Teller would go in his description, but with details so scarce on this one, we'll take it.

Phillips told us in late August that director Nima Nourizadeh had just wrapped up the shoot. At that point, they had no notion of when the film might hit theaters, with Phillips saying they first had to head into the edit room and see how the movie started to come together.

Of Nourizadeh, a long-time commercial director making his feature debut, Phillips said, "We met with a bunch of directors and Nima just understood it. His work and his style was part of it, but it was a combination of a lot of things. He just had the right attitude. With something like this, you're always taking a bit of a gamble. Ivan Reitman took a gamble on me with 'Road Trip.' Nima just blew the movie away."