Five 'Kung Fu Panda' And Two 'How To Train Your Dragon' Sequels Are On The Way!

How to Train Your DragonAre you a fan of "Kung Fu Panda" and "How To Train Your Dragon"? We sure hope so, because you're about to get a whole lot more from both franchises!

DreamWorks Animation chief Jeffrey Katzenberg spoke with Empire about the developing sequels to some of the studio's most important properties. During the interview, Katzenberg revealed that there are five more "Kung Fu Panda" movies on the way — the forthcoming "Kaboom of Doom" included, presumably — as well as at least two more installments of "How To Train Your Dragon."

"'Kung Fu Panda' actually has 6 chapters to it, and we’ve mapped that out over the years," he said. "'How To Train Your Dragon' is at least three: maybe more, but we know there are a least three chapters to that story."

Elaborating on "Dragon," Katzenberg said that the next two chapters in the series would serve to further flesh out the world of Berk. "As you know, there are many islands in the world of Berk, and different things there, so we'll see," he said. "But right now, today, we know that there are three for sure that we want to tell and there may be more. We haven't thought, you know, how do we continue beyond that."

Beyond "Dragon" and "Panda," Katzenberg said there would likely be two more installments in the "Madagascar" series.

"I can tell you pretty succinctly where 'Madagascar' goes," he said. "Ultimately they will come back to New York, and they will come to terms with that, which they will do in this next chapter. Because of the way that movie concludes there’s probably one more for them."

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