MTV's 'Tourist' Guest Correspondent Takes In The Paris Sights... And A Screening Of The Depp-Jolie Movie

By Gaby Izarra, winner of MTV's Ultimate "Tourist" Guest Correspondent contest

Paris has been incredible so far -- and the best is yet to come. I arrived in style to the Westin Hotel and met the MTV Staff I would be working with to cover the press junket for the Johnny Depp-Angelina Jolie movie, "The Tourist." It's nice to have an experienced group to guide me during this film journalism adventure. We didn't linger long at the hotel, however, and were soon on our way to the most popular and iconic sites Paris has to offer: the Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Tower. Even though my fingers and toes were numb the entire day from the extreme cold, the famous Paris landmarks were breathtaking (click on the photo below for a look at my day).

Gaby in Paris

The snow began falling harder as the day progressed, however, and I was glad when it came time to get down to business (and into a warmer environment) for a screening of "The Tourist." The television press invited to the junket -- including yours truly -- got our own screening of "The Tourist" in a private cinema. We even got some hors 'd'oeuvres to nibble on before the film began.

But that was nothing compared to the main course: The movie far exceeded my expectations. Not only was it action-packed, but it had some hints of humor... and some epic twists. Plus, Angelina looked absolutely gorgeous in every scene. I don't think there's a single sequence in the entire film where she isn't wearing an extravagant gown.

Following the screening, we were treated to a complimentary dinner cruise along the Seine River. Waiters doled out a ton of appetizers, and I was stuffed before the meal was even served. Everything was delicious -- even the duck's liver (though I had no idea it was duck's liver at the time of consumption). It has been a wonderful day wandering the streets of Paris, watching an excellent film and cruising down a picturesque river, but now I must get down to business. Tomorrow I have to interview the stars of the movie, and I've got to think of the right questions to ask. Au revior friends! Until next time!

Come back tomorrow and in the days to come for more updates from Gaby, including a look at her interviews with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp!