Winner Of MTV's 'Tourist' Contest Flies To Paris To Interview Johnny Depp And Angelina Jolie

By Gaby Izarra

I won -- but it hasn't totally hit me yet. Once I step foot on French soil and realize that my Miami outerwear just won't cut it, then it'll begin to sink in. I'm that lucky girl who won MTV's Ultimate "Tourist" Guest Correspondent contest and is being flown out to Paris to cover the press junket for "The Tourist." That means I get to interview world-renowned actors Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. Yeah, that's me. I'll repeat that a bunch of times in my head until the thought lodges itself in my brain and lays out some roots.

My name is Gaby Izarra and I'm sitting in seat 40C on an American Airlines flight to Paris, courtesy of MTV, Sony and Columbia Pictures. I've just had the best dessert -- a double chocolate crunch brownie -- I've ever had on any flight like this, so that must be a good sign. Paris is just across the Atlantic waiting for me to touch down and begin the glamorous experience of a TV journalist abroad on the assignment of a lifetime.

I'm on the threshold of an epic trip, and there's so much that remains to be seen. Does Angelina's beauty radiate so much that I'll be physically knocked off my feet when I walk into the room to interview her? Will Johnny take one look at me and ask my hand in marriage? Those might seem like ridiculous ideas, but what do I know? I'm just an amateur journalist on her first major job. I've put some thought into what to ask Angelina and Johnny, but I don't have any questions set in stone yet. Crafting the right queries takes a great deal of research and meticulous sculpting. Also, I haven't had a chance to see the movie yet, so I'll wait until I do to finalize the questions I'll ask.

One thing that I'm especially looking forward to is the opportunity to meet some of the MTV staff and all the other members of the media that will be attending the press junket. I'm a journalism major in my senior year at the University of Florida. Now, on the brink of graduation, I've been given this chance to get my name out there! Come May, I'll be looking for a job in the industry, so what better way to meet possible employers? I have plenty of business cards to distribute, so I hope I have a face people will remember.

Make sure to check back for all my coverage of the upcoming junket, and the interviews with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. Are you ready for all the European elegance? I am.