Christopher Nolan Confirms 'Inception' Video Game, Says Sequels Are Possible

InceptionAs Christopher Nolan prepares to launch into his third Batman film with "The Dark Knight Rises," he's still working on moving past his most recent directorial effort, "Inception." Although the Leonardo DiCaprio-starring science fiction film may have seemed like a one-off adventure, Nolan hasn't stopped dreaming about the future of "Inception" as a possible franchise.

Yes, "Inception" will live on — but perhaps not in the form you're expecting.

"I always imagined Inception to be a world where a lot of other stories could take place," Nolan revealed in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly. "At the moment, the only direction we're channeling that is by developing a video game set in the world."

Although Nolan declined to elaborate further on the "Inception" video game, he did say that development would be "a longer-term proposition," so don't expect any formal news anytime soon. He added that the video game medium is "something I've always wanted to explore," and "Inception" definitely feels like the best fit of all of Nolan's pre-existing films to explore in that capacity, Batman movies excluded.

Finally, don't lose hope on the "Inception" sequel front just yet. It's not at the forefront of Nolan's brain, but it's also not an entirely lost cause, based on his latest comments.

"As for [movie] sequels," he said, "It's not something I want to say no to, but it's not something I've given a lot of thought about."

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