'Jackass 3.5' To Launch Online This March

Jackass 3-D"Jackass 3-D" has kicked audiences in the groin to the tune of $155 million worldwide since opening in October, making it the highest-grossing installment in the franchise to date. And, since the demand for the daredevil antics of Johnny Knoxville and co. has never been higher, Paramount announced today that an online sequel, "Jackass 3.5," will launch in March 2011.

Made specifically for release in digital media, "Jackass 3.5" will feature all-new content, including never-before-seen stunts and pranks to rival "Jackass 3-D"'s bee-hive tetherball and projectile Port-o-Potties. Each week, new stunts and footage will be released online, and will ultimately be packaged together for a full-length film to be distributed digitally before it's released on other platforms (including Blu-ray and DVD).

"When the 'Jackass' guys went to make 'Jackass 3-D,' we proposed that we shoot a follow up to the successful 'Jackass 2.5' digital feature alongside it, and everyone was up for it," Thomas Lesinski, president of Paramount Digital Entertainment, said in a press release. "In 'Jackass 3.5,' you are going to see an entire movie's worth of new stunts, new pranks and new gags, on whatever screen you choose."

"For 'Jackass 3-D' we shot enough footage for two movies, so a lot of great stuff didn't make it in the film," Knoxville added. "Luckily you will get to see those bits in '3.5.' We also shot some additional footage in Europe specifically for '3.5.' I have staples in my head right now to prove it. Woo hoo."

Are you excited for "Jackass 3.5," and is online the perfect place to launch it?

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