Tom Hanks Confirmed For 'Triple Frontier,' May Star With Portman And Berry In Wachowskis' 'Cloud Atlas'

Tom HanksTom Hanks is joining the ranks ofRobert Downey Jr., Tom Hardy and Johnny Depp as one of the busiest men in Hollywood right now. He's currently finishing up work on "Larry Crowne," and today we have word that he is confirmed for Kathryn Bigelow's "Triple Frontier" (or "Sleeping Dogs," depending on who you ask) and is also likely to star opposite Halle Berry and Natalie Portman in the Wachowskis' "Cloud Atlas."

The first news isn't much of a shock, considering Hanks has been loosely attached to "Triple Frontier" for some time now. What is surprising is that apparently none of the other major roles in "Frontier" have yet been cast, despite reports that Depp was also attached. The film's producer, Charles Roven, confirmed as much to "Tom Hanks is starring in the film and we're still looking to cast the other roles. We're hoping to start shooting the movie sometime in mid-March."

The "Cloud Atlas" casting is definitely news to us, however. Halle Berry made the first definitive statement about the film's casting at a Q&A following a screening of her new film "Frankie & Alice." "I'm going to do a movie probably in the summer with the Wachowskis," she said. "A really interesting movie. Sort of like what they did with 'The Matrix,' they have another really amazing idea that's sort of gonna stretch our brains even further. And so I'm really excited about that and that's probably gonna be in the summer. And that’s with Tom Hanks and Natalie Portman."

To be honest, I'm more excited about Hanks joining "Cloud Atlas," which is a bit outside of his comfort zone, than I am about his participation in "Triple Frontier." It's unclear how exactly the Wachowskis plan on adapting the David Mitchell novel, but its range of time periods (from the South Pacific in the 19th century to a nuclear apocalypse in the future) makes it a film very different than the ones Hanks has been doing recently.

But Bigelow is hot off her recent Oscar win for "The Hurt Locker," and "Triple Frontier" looks like it could be her next crowning achievement. It is an ensemble picture about organized crime set at the border zone shared by Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil where the Igazu and Parana rivers meet. Sounds like this one might be a bit more Oscar bait than "Cloud Atlas," or Hanks' other upcoming film, "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close." But, fortunately, all four of Hanks' upcoming films look like they'll be viewing pleasures for us.

Are you glad Hanks is attached to these films?