Mark Wahlberg Moving In On 'Broken City' With Director Allen Hughes

It's been a banner year for Mark Wahlberg. He flexed his comedic (and actual) muscles in the hits "Date Night" and "The Other Guys," and is getting some serious Oscar buzz for "The Fighter," a boxing flick that's been one of his passion projects for years. Plus, Wahlberg was recently named one of MTV's actors we're most thankful for in 2010 (quite prestigious).

As Wahlberg is finding, his 2010 successes are paving the way for a very promising 2011: He's already set to headline a surefire blockbuster (hello, "Uncharted"!) and he's poised to star in another one of his cinematic labors of love, the neo-noir "Broken City," for director Allen Hughes (a.k.a. one-half of the Hughes Brothers responsible for "Menace II Society," "From Hell" and "Book of Eli").

"There's this other thing, 'Broken City,' that I want to do... at the end of next year with Allen Hughes directing," Wahlberg told MTV at the junket for "The Fighter." "[It's] on the Black List. It's one of the best unproduced screenplays... [It's] an amazing piece of material that should attract amazing talents. Hopefully we'll get that thing together."

Wahlberg went on to say that the script, written by Brian Tucker, has a bit of a crime-thriller/mystery/neo-noir thing going on. "It's in the same vein as those old classics," he said, comparing it to "Chinatown" and the more contemporary "L.A. Confidential."

Wahlberg would star as Billy Taggart, an ex-cop who got tossed from the force for shooting a 16-year-old kid. Eight years hence, a shady mayoral candidate hires Taggart (no relation to Taggart of "Beverly Hills Cop" fame), who's now working as a private dick, to investigate his wife's infidelity. We're betting a tangled web of sex, lies, corruption and, of course, violence ensues.

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