The Evolution Of Emma Watson: Photos Of The 'Harry Potter' Star Through The Years

Maybe you were one of the people who called it way back in 2000, that the then 10-year-old Emma Watson, a.k.a. Harry Potter's best platonic gal pal, would one day be hot. If you were, well, that's kind of weird. But at least there's some solace to be had in the knowledge that you were pretty much on the money.

Watson was just 9 years old when she landed the role of studious Hermione Granger in "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," her first professional acting gig (she'd previously appeared in school plays). Even back then, Watson was bright and precocious (here's some video proof) with a vocabulary that would put most college kids to shame.

Emma Watson photos

Over the past 10 years, Watson has grown into a strong, beautiful and talented woman, both off-screen and over the course of seven (including "Deathly Hallows: Part 1") "Potter" films. Now 20, she's a student at Brown University (she does share her big-screen alter-ego's affinity for education), a talented actress who's already got a post-"Potter" movie ("My Week With Marilyn") in the works, and has developed quite the reputation for wowing fashion mavens with her red-carpet style.

And so we've reached into our bag of tricks to pull out a special treat for fans of Emma/Hermione: a photo gallery chronicling Watson's metamorphosis from mousy Harry Potter goody-two-shoes to sexy fashionista and college student. Click on the image above to see all the photos.

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