Robert Downey Jr. Officially Drops Out Of 'Gravity,' May Be Learning 'How To Talk To Girls'

Robert Downey Jr.Looks like Alfonso Cuaron's "Gravity" is officially out of orbit. Though Sandra Bullock is still in line to play the film's heroine, Heat Vision has confirmed that Robert Downey Jr. has left the project. Not one to remain idle, Downey is reportedly sizing up a starring role in the adaptation of the book "How to Talk to Girls."

RDJ is definitely one of the hottest men in Hollywood right now, and last month we took you through all the upcoming projects he is attached to before "Iron Man 3" is released in 2013. After the jump we have a revised list to help movie fans keep everything straight.

"Sherlock Holmes 2"

"Sherlock Holmes 2" is currently filming, with Jude Law reprising his role as Watson and Jared Harris and Noomi Rapace joining the cast as Moriarty and the film's new female lead, respectively. It's expected in theaters on December 16, 2011.

Canceled! "Gravity"

"Oz: The Great and Powerful"

RDJ still isn't confirmed to star in "Oz: The Great and Powerful," but goodness we hope he sticks with it. The film follows the story of the Wizard of Oz after his hot air balloon first lands in Oz as though his journey was the same as the one Dorothy took. Disney is expected to start filming this next summer.

New! "Emergency!"

So far Downey is only set to produce "Emergency!," the true story of Neil Strauss who moved off-shore and learned to survive in the wilderness, but we have a feeling he could end up starring in the flick as well... that is, if he has any time in his busy schedule.

New! "How to Talk to Girls"

The Hollywood Reporter cautions that no deals have been made for "How to Talk to Girls," so we shouldn't get our hopes up yet. But the book, which was written by a 9-year-old boy and offers advice on how to deal with members of the opposite sex, is so darn cute that we really do hope Downey finds a way to seal the deal.

"The Avengers"

This is one RDJ isn't going to be getting out of any time soon. It's what all the recent Marvel films have been leading up to and, with Joss Whedon directing, "The Avengers" is one of the most anticipated films of the next few years. Can it be May 4, 2012 yet?

Which of Robert Downey Jr.'s upcoming projects are you most excited for?