Bill Clinton And Paul Giamatti Have A 'Hangover 2'

Bill ClintonOur hopes for some top-secret "The Hangover 2" cameos to make up for the very public reveal of Mel Gibson Liam Neeson as a Bangkok tattoo artist were dashed this weekend in the best possible ways. Not one but two very exciting people are going to be joining the cast, and you probably could not have guessed them if you tried.

TheWrap confirms that Paul Giamatti will be heading to Thailand to filming a role in a few weeks, and hypothesizes that he -- and not Neeson -- could be portraying the now-infamous tattoo artist role originally intended for mad Mel. Meanwhile, PEOPLE got the scoop that Bill Clinton is making a cameo as himself; he filmed the part in Bangkok on Saturday while he was there to deliver a speech on clean energy.

The more news we hear about "The Hangover 2," the more it's like trying to put to fit together a thousand-piece puzzle and realizing a lot of your important pieces are missing. We know there's going to be some tryst between Alan and a transvestite, Stu is going to get engaged, they end up in Bangkok and now Bill Clinton is going to be there.

At least one piece of the puzzle seems to fit into place, though, thanks to some new photos from the set that TMZ posted last week. One of the pictures showed Stu's photo among some others at a tattoo parlor that we can only assume is owned by this enigma of a tattoo artist. Looks like he might have gotten some inspiration from "The Hangover"'s celebrity BFF, Mike Tyson.

Do these new cameo and casting announcements make any more sense to you than they do to us? What role do you think Clinton has in the new film?

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